Our education stuck in a time when education serve the creation of a database in the brain. But not only news about the success of scientists are reserved for foreign names. Example for the domestic success is certainly company Genos of Prof. Gordan Lauc. His company is the first private DNA lab in the region and one of the leading scientific institutions in Republic of Croatia in the field of DNA in analysis of glycans. Dr. Lauc is a molecular biologist and professor of Pharmaceutical and Biochemical Faculty in Zagreb. Moreover, he is a honorary professor at King’s College in London and the University of Edinburgh where he works with our other prestigious scientist Igor Rudan. With all that Lauc is judicial expert for the analysis of DNK and one of the founders of the method of identification of victims from mass graves. Dr. Lauc believes that our country does not have enough patents and innovation as, for example, Finland, Israel and the United States, and that the biggest problem lies in education, that innovations does not encouraged. In Croatia there are a lot of smart young people but our education system is killing their creativity. Generally speaking, the whole system prevents innovations so it is not surprising that we are at the very bottom of Europe. On the other hand, in Republic of Croatia there is a small number of successful small companies despite access to funds from the EU funds. Ministry of Science does not obstruct scientific centers but do not announce concrete contests. Deadlines are deferred, the rules are changed … Croatia, according to Dr. Lauc, is not able to recognize those who orders more and better than others and for it should be rewarded. Our academic community still living under socialism, where everyone is equal.

In the company Genos last few years intensively working on biomarkers and on the development of methods for the analysis of glycans and their application in the study of disease. Recently they founded company GlycanAge in London through which they intend to sell their products on the western market. They even won the Chinese market in sales of tests. With all that trying to launch a new global product that would allow people to notice at the time that their health is impaired.


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