17000 homes will improve their energy efficiency class and reduce heating bills for two years. The Ministry of Construction launches project for renovation of facades worth billion kuna. Minister Lovro Kuščević stated that funds for more than 600 received projects have already agreed, and through 120 days these projects will be evaluated, after that buildings have 18 months for job execution. Besides, interviews were conducted with the Employers’ Association of the construction sector, where everything is ready to finish the project on time.

Unfortunately, the project refers only to residential buildings, while the family houses have to wait for another chance. However, the minister pointed out, that for this purpose have ready 30 million euros, but the problem is that by EU regulations on such projects can not apply private persons. The Minister hopes that this directive by the end of the year will be changed and then they will start also the project with residential homes.

Another program drafted by the Ministry of Construction aims to improve the energy efficiency of public sector buildings and for 20 days the Government will initiate a project worth 211 million euros with the intention of renovation public buildings, hospitals, children’s and student dorms.


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