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Way in which we heat or cool the space in which we live affects the air pollution. For that reason arise new technologies, whose role is the preservation of the Earth’s atmosphere. Buildings of zero energy will soon become a legal requirement which means that during construction will have to think about a system for heating and cooling that will enable maximum use of energy.

Excessive heating of the atmosphere caused by gases leads to the greenhouse effect. Using sophisticated products, it is enabled reducing energy consumption with high efficiency and reducing pollution or heating costs. Such is the case with the use of condensing boilers, that in EU countries has to be installed in newbuilding or replacement from 26th September 2015. A large contribution of energy efficiency contribute electrical heat pumps that use the soil temperature transmitted to the heating system and thus consume significantly less energy to achieve the desired temperature.

The combination of energy-efficient heating and cooling systems with solar system are possible even more savings, because part of the energy obtained from the sun, which is the biggest advantage of environmentally friendly and it does not produce CO2 emissions.

For system operations are available smart applications, which can even change the default settings in the heating system as the energy would not be unnecessarily consumed. These applications such eRelax provide feedback and in case of deviations in the heating system and statistically analyze data about consumption energy in the household.

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