The PRP hair loss treatment method helps in the treatment of male pattern baldness. The therapy is also applied in hair transplantation in order to increase the resistance of the follicular units and improve the healing of the donor area.

After blood has been drawn from the patient and the PRP preparation has been obtained by centrifugation, it is necessary to prepare the patient’s skin for the procedure. In order to prevent pain during the procedure, a local anaesthetic is applied to the skin, after which the PRP is injected with thin needles into the areas of thinning hair.

This stimulates the growth of hair follicles and the generation of new blood vessels for the supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients required for healthy hair growth.

The duration of the procedure is one to two hours, including the preparation and the conduct of the treatment. In the majority of patients who underwent the PRP treatment method, accelerated hair growth has been observed with respect to the untreated area of the scalp.


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