An event that brings together IT professionals and developers started in Dubrovnik, organized by the Dubrovnik Development Agency Dura, RIT Croatia and University of Dubrovnik. All participants of Hackathon are from the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. They will develop IT solutions and applications and promote the project “Dubrovnik Smart City” until 9th April. Hackathon 2017. is financed by the EU’s Urbact Program – the Tech Town project. The most successful awarded project is smart parking, followed by smart sprays, beach, trash bin, bus ticket charging system, battery charging, light navigation and Dubrovnik Card APP. Two startups are established – Enum Software and Universal Industries. This year’s deadline within which ideas have to be realized is 36 hours instead of the previous 48 hours.

The competition was preceded by eight workshops held at Dura and the University Campus with mentors Nikša Vlahušić, Roberto Kalačić, Dživio Jelić, Andreja Šarić and Ivana Brčić. The youngest participant is16 and the oldest 28 years old. These are the students of the Metković and Dubrovnik Gymnasium, as well as the students of Maritime and Faculty of Economics, as well as colleges of RIT Croatia.

Ideas that until Sunday night planning to realize the tuchscreen display with GPS navigation for tourists, an application that recognizes the tourist objects and provides information about them, applications to improve city traffic, speed control project and security of city traffic.




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