Technology Helloquent is a novelty on the market and has already aroused the interest of eminent British experts, especially physicists and neuropsychiatrist. It is WiFi product for Radiation Protection routers and it is invented by the Croatian inventor Tomislav Juratovac. For his invention he won gold at the fair in London, and will present it at the fair Innova that on Zagreb Fair lasts until 13th of November. In progress are negotiations with domestic and foreign companies ie production in Croatia or abroad.
Tomislav Juratovac last twenty years deals with the high-frequency and low-frequency electromagnetic radiation, detection of new sources of measurement, protection methods, consultation and education. His first device for reducing cell phone radiation invented in 1999., and his first patent allowed the protection of human sleeping place from electromagnetic radiation (eg, WiFi routers, repeaters, mobile phones, baby phone devices, substations, transmission lines …). Tomislav Juratovac encouraged on the creation of devices for reduce of radiation is the appearance of electromagnetic sensitivity as diseas caused by electrosmog which in 2005. adopted the World Health Organization. What more time is spent in more irradiated area, there is more chance that the body to such exposure reacts with symptoms or disease. For example, it is recommended to hold mobile phone a few centimeters away from the body what significantly reduces radiation of head, but hardly anyone abide of that today.
New Helloquent technology is unique on the market and has the efficiency that is scientifically measurable.


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