The reason for the lawsuit of “Brodosplit” lies in the delay payment of 400 million kn aid for its restructuring for 2013. It is claimed nearly 3 million kuna due to the delay in payment. The County State Attorney’s Office has no reason to doubt that the payment will not be executed, but if the dispute is not resolved peacefully, the trial will continue in May.

There is also an unlawful verdict of the state to which Brodosplit has to pay 16.6 million kuna of unpaid concession fees for the use of 563 000 m2 of maritime domain in the Supaval Bay for the period from 2011. to 2013. In the “Brodosplit” have justified that for years trying to solve the debts of the Republic Croatia since the addition of the agreement on purchase of shares of shipyard provides that the state can compensate 121 million kuna liability for contributions, taxes and other public expenditures.





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