Zagreb is delighted with the new idea of young innovators from Slavonia, which will prevent the theft of bicycles. Three friends, Natko Bošnjak, Slaven Pokrivka and Antonio Filipović landed in a problem that afflicts residents of major cities and created a smart system for locking bicycles which they called Bike2Lock. This is about a parking-capsule into which fit one bike and is locked after the vehicle is put into it. In this premium equipped “bicycle garage” there is no fear of stealing! Once parked the bike in it, the driver will get a card and after the payment of parking, the capsule will be opened. Natko Bošnjak pointed out that one hour of the parking will be quite cheap, only one or two kuna, and except coins will be able to pay the application whose trial version is already presented.

After we read this, we can not help wondering what is the price of this fantastic invention? City of Zagreb in May will install the first set of capsules at the Main Station, at a cost of 12 000 euros. One set includes six to eight capsules.

But the guys here do not stop due to the fact that they were chosen among 1000 young companies from all over the world, to present their products in one of the largest investment trade fairs in Dubai. They can get even award of 500 000 dollars!


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