The new American President Donald Trump announced big investments in modernization and increase of the fleet of the US Navy, but a problem that occurs is the lack of shipbuilding workers. The fleet should be increased from the current 275 to 350 warships in the next 30 years, in which is planned to invest 700 billion dollars. However, this Trump’s plan is faced with two major problems. The first of them is the lack of qualified labor (from welders to electricians, whose monthly salary is even 25 ooo dollars). In the largest American shipyard of Huntington Ingalls this year is planned to employ 3000 workers and another 1000 in Mississippi in order to succeed to complete and deliver existing orders. The current level of orders require an increase in the total labor force and how to avoid such a large number of workers, General Dynamics works with seven high schools in Connecticut and Rhode Island in order to obtain a new generation of welders. Company president for human resources pointed out that should pass five years for becoming an expert in shipbuilding. The construction of nuclear submarines requires another seven years of education in the welding profession. The construction of “Trump’s fleet” would require hiring additional 50000 workers.

Another problem is that suppliers of the shipbuilding industry, after decades of low demand, need several years to increase the production (the time required to double the production is at least five years). But the biggest problem will be to convince Congress to approve so much increase of investment that will cost 23 billion US dollars per year, which is 60 percent more than the Navy received in the last 30 years for new ships.


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