New investment of the repair shipyard Viktor Lenac in Kostrena is robotic technology of high pressure washing of the formwork with water, which will replace sandblasting. The CEO of shipyard Aljoša Pavelin announced this innovation after the visit of the US warship USS Mount Whitney, which is currently in overhaul in Lenac. This is the flagship of 6th Fleet of the US Navy that is being modernized. The robot that will clean the formwork will be replaced by a dozen people who have worked that so far. But that does not mean that those people will lose their jobs, they will be transferred to jobs of more value with better working conditions. Robot Spider already is on probation period and with one more makes an investment of one million euros. Spider can process an area of 50 m2 in one hour, it is energy efficient and saves 60 percent of energy. With all of this it is very quiet, barely reaches 60 decibels, so that in his presence can perform multiple activities. An additional advantage is that can work 24 hours a day without population disturbances.





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