The global crisis and unfilled capacities left consequences on the Croatian repair shipyard. Shipyard Viktor Lenac celebrated 120 years of work but excellent success from 2015. failed to to repeat. A difficult year behind it halved the incomes that from 535.7 million kuna fell to 276.9 million kuna. This is due to the crisis on the global market of overhaul and offshore activities, which caused the low employment of capacities, but at the end, the year still ended with 1.45 million kuna of profit. Lack of jobs was used to rebuild their own equipment while the most valuable project is overhauling American military ship Mount Whitney. Of the more important projects there is continuation of cooperation with the US war navy.

Experts estimate that the situation, unfortunately, will not improve in the current year, primarily due to delays in the renewal of the fleet of ships and shipping cost-cutting. It is expected that the lack of projects of equipment installation for wastewater treatment that will sharpen competition among the repair shipyard. The largest competitors are Turkish repair companies that offers up to 40% lower prices. Viktor Lenac hopes to keep a healthy profit margin despite fall of income per project.




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