We are all aware that the world is rapidly changing and in a few decades, millions of people could live on the drinking water of giant jellyfish produced in laboratories. This black vision of the future was presented in Dubai at the Summit of world government. Dubai is already working on the research about the biological drives for distillation that combine genes of jellyfish and mangrove roots (systems for desalination in nature). Almost 90 percent of the water in Dubai is desalinated and almost the same amount of food is imported. In their vision of the future the food could be produced in a robotic farms in abandoned garages and mass agriculture will no longer be possible. People could live in 3D printed towns and cars will no longer be used.

Dubai set a vision in the Museum of the future in which the communities would produce their own food, which would be served by robots. Although this idea or vision is merely hypothetical, the real threat is the lack of water, food supplies and rising sea-levels.




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