Prominent magazine Nucleic Acids Research that deals with the latest achievements in molecular biology, published a work of scientist Maria Brbić and Fran Supek from the Ruđer Bošković Institute. The work was created in the framework of the EU project called MAESTRA. In collaboration with the Institute of Electronics and the Mediterranean Institute for Life Sciences in Split, they created algorithms that learn to recognize the features of different types of bacteria. They made it through the analysis of the text of Wikipedia, student works and professional sources. With research, they perfected the statistical techniques that can in just a few minutes “read” and “understand” thousands of texts enough to recognize them from the features of living organisms. Artificial intelligence considered more than a million combinations of various features and bacterial species, and for checking each of them man needs years for the reading of literature. The algorithms of these scientists will easily processed upcoming literature and automatically associate it with genetic record of organism.





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