Croatian Employers Association (HUP) requested from Government to reduce the burden of growth fees for renewable energy sources (RES). The reason for this is that its raising reduces the competitiveness of members and hinders business. The request relates to the determination of semiannual fees according to the actual costs of RES production. CEA’s Coordination proposes the exclusion of certain groups of electricity customers from paying the full amount of compensation for RES, as is the case in some EU countries. In HUP also believe that for electricity customers (payers for obtaining permits for greenhouse gas emissions) fee should remain unchanged. The major consumers of electricity are Agrokor, Atlantic Group, Belje Bomark, Cemex, Conex Trade, DS Smith Plastics, Electro-Contact, Ferro-Preiss, Croatia Plin, Varteks PRO, Sardina, Vindija, Viktor Lenac, Zagreb Electric Tram, Messer Croatia Plin, Ina, MIV, Pisinium, RALU Logistics.




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