The newly established Croatian Innovatory companies are faced with the problem of collecting the share capital for the development of their products. Banks can not / do not want to give them developmental credit because they do not have anything to guarantee the return, and do not have the property that would have given such a guarantee. Mostly, these companies are financed by savings of the founder or with the help of family and friends.

The solution of this problem was presented last week at Zagreb innovation center HUB 385 whose test case is company Include from Solin. The company is very well known in the technology world since the global success of its founder and innovator of smart benches, Ivan Mrvoš. It is a bench that is charged by solar energy, on which can be charged the battery of mobile phones, with Internet access. At a cost of 2,000 euros is ideal for tourist places. The company employs 15 staff members / experts from various fields, and just last year they sold over 100 benches. The main customers are so-called smart cities, hotels, marinas and airports.

In order that company can continue to develop, money is required and the investors should invest at such companies that can track how their investment is developing. We are all familiar that the market for young ventures in Croatia does not have. For this reason it is designed the way that Croatian innovators still invest at Croatian companies. Via Estonia. How? It’s about the organization and Internet market Funderbeam launched by the  Estonians. Funderbeam at partnership with the Zagreb Stock Exchange entered into a partnership through which calls Croatian young technology companies to present themselves and Croatian investors to invest at Croatian companies.

Include will seek thus to collect between 250 000 and 400 000 euros in 30 days (from domestic and foreign companies). If they succeed, it will be on account of the limited liability company registered in Estonia, which will as a foreign investor invest in company Include. The initial capital of 40 000 euros invested Ivana Šoljan who leads gathering of role. The best in the whole story is that everything can be done over the internet and the lowest stake is 100 euros. For that amount gets 100 tokens / Internet tokens / vouchers that can be sold.

The goal of the whole story is that smart benches attract more smaller investors and open the door to other innovative companies. The biggest problem is that everything goes through Estonia since Croatian legislation is not open to new technology companies.




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