Megayacht heavy 500 tonnes yesterday was launched at shipyard Mandalina in Šibenik with the help of Dutch crane Taklift 7, 72 m long and 30 m wide. Crane of the Italian tugboat Megara capacity of 800 tonnes, especially for this occasion is delivered from Palermo, after being slid off the slipway in January due to failure in the synchro-lift. On the lift the last failure was recorded in 2007. and since then has been working at full capacity. Only after its repair and the beginning of work, new ships will be able to go to overhaul and supposedly awaits them around thirty. The price of this maneuver is a multi-million, while the action was supervised by people from the insurance company, the action was recorded with two drones.

Yacht Bella Anna is 50 meters long and can accommodate up to 12 guests in five luxurious apartments.




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