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In organisation of the Business diary in Zagreb, 4th Energy Investment Forum was held. HEP strategy is based on low carbon-energetic, explained Perica Jukić, chairman of the board of HEP. A lot is invested in renewable sources, especially in hydropower plants. When they can not meet the needs of the market it is necessary to have basic sources such as nuclear power plant Krško and thermal power plant Plomin. Jukić said that is important to invest in such projects, and it is necessary to work  also commercially. He also noted that it is necessary to invest in high-efficiency plants and multi-purpose cogenerations. Our greatest potential is hydro potential. Miroslav Mesić believes that the completion of the project Plomin C is an important for supply security, and Ante Čikotić confirmed that Croatia has the potential worth eight billion euros, that require the construction and modernization of gas and oil infrastructure. He thinks that one of the major goals of achieving 40 percent less carbon dioxide emissions by 2030., and it would be opened 80 to 100000 jobs. It was assessed that wind power plant are unsafe source due to a non-permanent weather, but it should install 50000 micro solars by the end of the 2020.




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