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Smart shower Unni offers a range of technical improvements and predicts that next year could be set up on the beaches along the Adriatic coast. This news are excellent for a young team of experts consisting of Matias Knežević, Kristijan Gorupić and Niko Jeleč. Their multifunctional shower uses renewable energy – photovoltaic cells on top of the construction. Enables you connection to Wi-Fi, installation of speakers, lighting after evening hours.

The concept of the original shower proved to be too large, complicated and uncompetitive. The new, improved version of the shower is not so exciting as the first but offers a number of technical improvements. With solar power is provided autonomous work, and it will also have display in the function of info center that will provide swimmers weather information, sea temperature, local content and video advertising.

Showers will be activated using sensors, it will prevent water loss and the hygiene of the shower will be at a higher level.

Unni is a domestic product of shower stainless steel construction that is fold in Orahovica, and solar panels are produced in Varaždin.

This innovation was recognized by Kristijan Šimičić who became a partner investor. His vision is to invest in business projects that will create new value and new jobs. This is a young team with a global vision and potential. The team moved into the BIOS and employed two more workers.

The next goal are finance from EU funds that stimulate innovative and smart solutions.






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