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A skyscraper named Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Tower with 40 luxury apartments currently is being built in the city Taipei in Taiwan. It is especially interesting due to its facade, roof and balconies, on which will be 23000 trees and bushes. The main designer Vincent Callebaut said that plants will absorb 130 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year and such gas emission produce 27 cars. A skyscraper is inspired by DNA look, will have 20 floors. The plants will be placed in the corridors, the floors will be made of glass, and each apartment will have a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom and walk-in closets. The tenants will have breathtaking views of Taipei and can swim in the indoor pool, and will have a garage and gym. Ventilation and lighting will be carried out in a natural way. 260 million tons amounted CO2 emission in 2008. in Taiwan. This skyscraper will not solve this problem, but presents a step towards raising environmental awareness.





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