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Yoga for face are specially created exercises that allow face skin to look fresher, tighter and younger. Creator of this system of exercise is Annelise Hagen who trust Jennifer Aniston and Cindy Crawford. How the results would be visible, Hagen recommends exercising 10 minutes a day within three weeks. For exercise is not required equipment, and it is recommended a combination of face care with exercise of face muscles. In this way, you feed the skin, and activate the muscles of the face.

-Relaxing face muscles, we reduce accumulated tension and levels of the stress in the body.

-Against wrinkles with laughing, smile, activate muscles, and cheekbones press to provide resistance.

-Tighten cheeks, hold the air, move it from one face to another until you run out of breath, breathe in and out.

-In order to keep the cheeks and the area around the lips firmly, keeping a smile pull in cheeks in the face hollows.

-Wrinkles around the eyes smooth, lightly pressing area in the level of the lower eyelashes, and gently pull on the skin outwards.

-Spread the eyes as much as possible and watch for a few seconds to the point in front of you to reduce wrinkles on the forehead.

-Reduce tension, breathe in through the nose, squeeze the muscles, breathe out through your tongue and look up.

-Rejuvenate neck, lift your head toward the ceiling until you feel stretching in the neck. Pursed his lips and push them towards the ceiling, hold for a few seconds and relax.

-Prevent the appearance of a double chin, stand up straight, hold the neck in straight and firm position, bend your back backwards and extend your chin about ten seconds as far up and relax.



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