First HoReCa event in Croatia Starts 17th February, it is organized by Metro Croatia and Crane in the Innovation Center HUB 385. The aim of the event is to introduce the HoReCa sector with digital and technological solutions that can improve their business and connect local start-ups with potential partners.

The General director of TechStars Metro Accelerator to event comes from Berlin, and the main focus will be on innovation in the hospitality industry.

In Croatia there is Coffee Cloud that provides tools for monitoring the professional espresso machines and the data stores in the “cloud”.

Metro Accelerator program and partnership with TechStars leads through two groups of accelerators per year – for hospitality and retail. For each group is selected 10 startups that spend 3 months in Berlin, intensively working with mentors. In each of these startups is investing up to 120 000 euros in exchange for a ownership stake from 6 to 9 percent. This is the third year of the program in which so far participated 21 startup.

Some of the startups that can improve business are:

Flowfity – solution for hygienic records based on cloud technology

Ask Paul – software for human resources management

Coffee Cloud – IoT solution that monitors the consumption of coffee in bars.

Although hospitality is lagging behind with answers to the challenges of new technologies, however, there is progress of digitization (for example, successful companies such as Open Table and Trip Advisor). Hotel and restaurant owners are working hard and have a bit of extra time to research digital solutions. For this reason, the value of of proposals has to be clear and simple and return of investment instantaneous.





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