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Sector information and communication technology is extremely important for the economic development of each country. Those countries that have recognized the situation and subordinated its economy to ICT record positive economic growth.

Thanks to the development of the technology, there are no more limits and the world is becoming a global playground where everyone has equal opportunities.

The company Citus, that exists on the market for 17 years, is engaged in consulting, designing, implementation and development of mobile and cloud IT solutions based on Microsoft technology. The company has 10 employees and over 100 collaborators and its owner Tomislav Bronzin points out that he is proud of its success. That includes a number of national and international references, 3 patents in the field of ICT, the establishment of the ICT community in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Armenia and Moldavia. Among other, Bronzin is also vice president of the IT Association of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce and organizer of the conference Mobility Day.

For their services and products the company has received over 50 international awards and gold medals for innovations in ICT worldwide (USA, UK, Northern Ireland, Russia, Taiwan, Malaysia, Poland, Romania, Croatia). Owner of the company believes that the Croatian ICT market is excellent with powerful and strong competition but still does not recognize the potential of innovations in everyday use. There are countries that stimulate innovations and immediately apply them in their economy and consequently record economic growth.

Besides being an innovator, the company is Citus and exporter whose products are found in all markets of the world. Its partners are leading companies in the areas of marketing, conferences, business process management, determination of health condition and IT companies.

Croatia lacks ICT experts and education for them at the appropriate level. Citus recognizes the potential of young people in Croatia who come to the company on the practice and through a mentoring program educate them for their needs. After completing the education, the practitioners are ready to work.

Since the company steps of the company Citus are the improvement of existing solutions, their commercialization and conquering of new markets.





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