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In the framework of the European project CROSKILLS, on Tuesday, 24th January  2017. in the Vocational school Vice Vlatković was held promotional and educational event focused on the promotion of construction skills in energy efficient construction and affirmation of construction professions. The event was held within the framework of the promotional campaign CROSKILLS “Energy efficiency in motion”, that will until August 2017. visit 12 Croatian cities.

The project CROSKILLS is focused on lifelong education of Croatian construction workers in the area of energy efficiency, and strengthening the qualifications of craftsmen, employed and unemployed construction workers especially after basic education or beginner’s work.

Besides the presentation of the project CROSKILLS,  the possibilities of using renewable energy sources for consumable hot water in conjunction with conventional heating systems on firewood are presented. They stressed the importance of high-quality insulation of the roof as well as the specifics of bracket installation for the solar panels at new metal roofs. It is pointed to consequences of poorly executed details related to the penetration of the roof surface, with which the masters often meet, and the importance of the interconnectedness and cooperation of various professions in the construction process and energy renewal.

Interested visitors in Zadar, attended the competition in the skills of construction workers and students who are studying for the profession of roofer and installer of technical systems on renewable energy sources. The four competing teams in 45 minutes had a task properly and according to the rules of the profession to set up a model of tin roof covering and on it properly install all the layers of thermal and hydro insulation, and holders for the technical system – a solar panel. Competitors were unemployed and employed construction workers and students of construction and technical professions, and worked under the watchful eye of the expert committee that at the end have chosen the best ones. Today, Croatia has to import the work force, but on the other hand we have a large number of unemployed, particularly construction worker. Tihomir Tomčić, director of the vocational school Vice Vlatković hopes that with the project CROSKILLS will be able to enrich lifelong training for building profession and the organization of the event itself to increase interest in the the building profession.

The event is rich with tasteful delicacies prepared by the students of Hotel and tourism school and hospitality school Zadar. Their products of heating techniques and regulation of heating and air conditioning systems were presented by Bosch and Danfoss, while Croatian Employment Institute presented measures of active employment. The measures aim to stimulates involvement of the unemployed in training for the building profession, as well as consulting students in choice of profession or study, especially focused on deficient building profession in the focus of today’s events, as well as the project CROSKILLS itself.

The next promotional event will be held in Križevci, in high school “Ivan Seljanec”, 17th February 2017. where will present professions of masons, carpenters and plasterers, and at the end of February in the School for Design, Graphics and Sustainable Building in Split.





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