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As the largest regional retail chain, Agrokor took 159th place among the 250 largest in the world whose overall income amounted to 4.31 billion dollars. The leading place is occupied by retail chain Walmart Stores. With this position Agrokor has made a jump of 33 places which makes it the leader in the retail market of Southeast Europe. It is result of integration with the Mercator in retail chain with 2000 shops and orientation on the quality of business, new investments, high productivity and competitiveness, to the constant modernization of technology, modern organization of order and continuous investment in human resources.

The problems faced by retailers are slower economic growth in most developed economies, high levels of debt of developing countries, deflation or low inflation in the economically stronger countries. Better results record traders with clothing and accessories. Far the largest income realize traders from the sector of consumer goods of large revolutions whose average annual income is 21.6 billion US dollars. Statistics show that two thirds of the leading 250 retailers operate outside borders of its country and thereby realize one quarter of income from sales abroad.

The last twenty years we have witnessed progress in the retail trade as well as changes in the behavior of customers who yearn for authenticity, novelty, comfort and creativity. Customers themselves determine to which extent their lives are enriched by the experience and what they have. They are looking for products that reflect a personal brand that promote on social networks. On the other hand, non-traditional retailers define new business models according to the needs of customers such as subscription services and short-term actions. Recently, in the world there is a trend of exponential life or technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and virtual reality, which change the way of life and shopping.




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