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Asset management company of banks from Slovenia will pay to Croatian budget 7 million Eur, or the amount of receivables 21 old. It is the loan of Riječka banka which was then approved to the company Cimos Kopar, that did not succeed to charge. After the remediation of Riječka banka, debt of Cimos took over the state and has transferred it to the State Agency for Deposit Insurance and bank rehabilitation. With this government decision are ensured existing jobs (even 4000!) and the production in the factory Cimos in Labin at minimum of two years.

State Agency for Deposit Insurance and Bank Rehabilitation gave up on lawsuits for compensation of damages while each side in a dispute will bear their own procedural costs.

Modifications of the Regulation about the procedure for granting a concession on maritime domain were adopted,  where in calculation of the fee will not enter the cost of materials and the raw materials procured by the shipyard on the market and that are not the result of work on the maritime domain.  The number criteria for evaluation offers will be reduced from seven to three in order to simplify procedures and equalize the position of new and old companies that compete for concessions. List of economic activities for granting a concession was revised for activities waterslide, zipline, ski lift, archaeological and underwater park.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenković at the Session of the Government pointed out that the world’s rating agencies monitor the fiscal and economic policy and efforts that Croatia invests to stimulate economic growth and rational management of public finances.






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