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Campaign BBC Micro: bit – STEM revolution in schools on online platform for crowdfunding Indiegogo launched the Croatian Makers initiative. It is donated more than 1.6 million kuna in order that children in schools get micro: bit computers. This action attracted hundreds of investors which aims to raise the level in the field of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). Among the initiators there is also an entrepreneur Nenad Bakić, which points out that children have a right on modern education.

He pointed out that children need contemporary learning skills, communication and presentation in order to be equal participants of society. Although there is still 13 days until the end of the donation campaign, it is already the most successful Croatian campaign on one of the platforms for crowdfunding. The goal is to collect 250 000 dollars.

The action was supported by numerous domestic IT campaigns, and the largest donation of 10 000 dollars provided a software company TerminalWorks. This support is understandable, because on our market lacks more than 1000 programmers and launch of this action could be a springboard for a future in which we will rely on domestic knowledge capital.

All who wish to join the campaign, can donate money on Indiegogo platform. The minimum donation is 15 dollars and it will provide one micro: bit computer. Due to collected funds, the promoter of campaign have already ordered 15 000 computers that is much more than the initial plan of 3600 computers. The final goal is that each child in the 6th or 7th grade gets one micro: bit, but for that part of the project, it is required intensive cooperation of the Ministry of Education because it is about 40 000 computers.

Micro:bit computers have created BBC, Microsoft and other partners and apart in the UK are used only in a few countries. This computer is equipped with a compass and accelerometer that help him to determine the position in space. It also contains a Bluetooth connection for easy connection, and on it there are two buttons that can be programmed. A little computer has 25 LEDs where they can display various messages, while the connectors on the bottom allows you to connect a range of additional sensors such as thermometers and humidity sensors.

Micro:bit gathers a large ecosystem thanks to numerous partners and with many materials in English there no lack of facilities and tools in the Croatian language.






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