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The first mysterious radio signals from the universe were discovered in 2007., and recently has been discovered that come from a dwarf galaxy distant 3 billion light years. It is about very short radio waves that last few milliseconds. Scientists have been studying half a year one signal that was repeating in order to determine the exact direction from which it comes. Signal FRB 121102 they discovered with the help of the VLA telescope in New Mexico.

In order that the mystery about these signals would be as high as possible, with FRB signals were heard series of weaker or more constant radio signals that are assumed to be far more than 100 light years. Scientists have not yet determined what has produced a signal but it is speculated that it could be a dense neutron star with a powerful magnetic field surrounded by the remains after the star explosion. The second explanation would be the material flying from the edge of a supermassive black hole.




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