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After an investigation about the cause of explosion of new Samsung mobile phones Note 7, was found that the design error or production disadvantages (errors in the batteries of two producers) caused the explosion of the device. This is why the company has decided not to introduce Galaxy S8 at the end of February in Barcelona, as planned. Because of that, the company withdraws Note 7 from the market that causes a loss of 5.3 billion dollars.

The investigation showed that there are no problems with the hardware and software of the device, but for short circuits and fires blame production and design disadvantages in the batteries. One of the companies of battery suppliers is Samsung SDI that plans to invest 128.5 million dollars to improve product safety and improve batteries for Samsung mobile phones.

Samsung’s chief of mobile business said they had set up new procedures in order to avoid repeating of these mistakes, with an indication that new mobile phone could be placed at the latest in early April.





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