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Croatian Telecom has launched a pilot project of free education for all senior citizens, considering that 30 percent of new broadband users are older than 60 years. Even 50 percent of them do not have an adequate device for use or even fear of the Internet. The project is managed in cooperation with the Association for the education of citizens that will show citizens in two lessons how to work in the Windows operating system, how to connect to the Internet, how to send email, how to use social networks and similar. Education will take place in Split and Zagreb with equipment while participants can bring their own laptop. Technicians are at disposal to users during installation.

The target group is an increasing number of consumers over 60 years that digital connections see as free and guide to the world, and looking for more than just fixed line. The package with additional benefits designed by Croatian Telecom “Unlimited calls and Internet” includes unlimited calls to all mobile and fixed networks in our country. In addition, the package includes unlimited Internet as well as specially adapted tablet with installed applications for reading newspapers, more than 80 TV channels and fixed telephone device for one kuna. There is also a package “Hello I’m calling all” that includes 100 minutes to fixed and mobile networks, Internet access and a monthly discount of 31 kuna on the price of HT electricity.

More information you can find out in T-Center.





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