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Ebola vaccine is 100% effective and could be in use in 2018. after accelerated process of granting approval.

The test vaccine has received 6000 people in Guinea last year where it was shown that none of the vaccinated person has not developed the disease. In control group that did not receive the vaccine, 23 persons get sick. It was shown that a vaccine against Ebola of Canadian pharmaceutical company Merck provides highly protection after vaccination, but it is still unknown whether this protection lasts also after 6 months.

Questions about the side effects of the vaccine, vaccine efficacy to children, pregnant women and other risk groups are still open.

From the beginning of Ebola epidemic in Africa since 2014. and in the next two years of this disease, 28 000 people get sick, of which 11 000 died. The most patients are in New Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.





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