Zoran Barisic, general secretary of the Croatian Association of Innovators, which is the organizer of this year’s ARCA 2016, believes that this year’s exhibition of innovations should be a turning point in stimulating and promotion of innovation on and innovative entrepreneurship.

The key condition of exhibiting is that innovations are protected or that the protection of industrial property is launched. It is expected 180 exhibitors of which also Chinese products due to the fact that this year’s partner is the Chinese Association of Inventors, the largest in the world. The accompanying program will include a forum on where we are and where we go in the development of innovative entrepreneurship, and in the panel except officials of relevant ministries will participate also independent experts and representatives of the media. Despite the fact that Croatia has a great example of innovative companies and new company leaders in innovation, unfortunately there is no upward trend. The fact is that an innovative economy stagnates despite institutional support. Barišić believes that encouragement should give large international companies which will enable the establishment of branches in Croatia under favorable conditions.

Who exhibits at trade fairs? There are two types of innovations, those of lower added value as a result of creativity of the individuals and that exhibit at trade fairs. Other innovations are of higher added value and they are result of research and development teams with the appropriate calculations, they do not exhibit at trade fairs, but they are looking for good ideas for their projects. The fairs are reserved for small companies and individuals. Since that innovators rarely speak about established contacts, it is difficult to comment the business results which in any case they have.

Zoran Barišić specifically mentioned young innovators who are not afraid of finance competition and who defend their innovation competently and at the International fairs. All of them Barišić says to stay on the domestic market.


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