In dermatology and aesthetic medicine, the PRP method is mostly used for the acceleration of the healing process of wounds, the reduction in the appearance of scars and stretch marks and for the rejuvenation of the skin.

PRP is our own blood plasma, rich in thrombocytes. Thrombocytes are cells that are part of our blood, and they contain numerous growth factors and stimulate stem cells, thus accelerating the healing process and regeneration of tissue.

Plasma obtained from our own blood, with an increased number of thrombocytes, represents our own concentrate of thrombocytes in a small volume of plasma. PRP contains up to twenty different growth factors and other protein molecules. These growth factors tie to receptors and stimulate the creation of new blood-vessels and the proliferation and differentiation of stem cells, which results in the healing and regeneration of tissue.

What is the PRP treatment used for in dermatology and aesthetic medicine?

  • face sculpting
  • skin surface rejuvenation
  • reduction of flabby chin
  • correction of bags under eyes
  • compensation of face volume
  • rejuvenation of hands, neck and cleavage
  • reduction of scars, especially scars from acne
  • reduction of circles under eyes and tear troughs
  • rejuvenation of wrinkles around eyes
  • removal of dark pigmentation in circles under eyes
  • increase of volume and sculpting of cheeks
  • hair growth

The treatment is recommended to persons who want a natural appearance and who want to retain their youthful appearance without using foreign bodies. The goal of the treatment is to make you look fresh and rested, like 10 years ago, and to get rid of a tired and lifeless appearance.



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