Going under the knife is not the only way of rejuvenating your skin. The PRP rejuvenation method is the hottest new global trend.

The PRP plasma treatment is the most natural treatment, so natural that it is among the only anti-aging treatments that can be performed on pregnant women. It is a treatment with which we rejuvenate ourselves so to speak, as it uses our own growth factors from our blood.

What does the treatment look like?

Some blood needs to be drawn for the procedure, and then a special centrifugal separator is used to extract the plasma loaded with growth factors and stem cells. Only ten minutes after the blood is drawn, the plasma is injected with very thin needles, much like mesotherapy, into the target area, be it the entire face, neck or hands… The treatment is painless and quick, and apart from a little redness in the face that lasts up to 48 hours, it has no side effects.

Our blood plasma contains proteins that stimulate and accelerate the regeneration of tissue. When we get injured, our body sends these proteins to the injured area and stimulates the regeneration process of the damaged tissue. The same process can be applied to the skin, helping with its regeneration and the reduction of lines, adding real collagen and slowly releasing nutrients and proteins into the skin, slowing down the aging process.

The treatment is completely natural because your own plasma is injected into your skin, thus literally “turning back the clock” of our skin.


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