Students of University of Applied Sciences in Požega, Tamara Marjanović and Matej Grgačević won 3rd place at the exhibition Be a role model, held from 8.11. to 12.11.2016. in Zagreb.

The most successful have won valuable prizes and get the chance to implement the project into practice through student business incubator for a period of six months without charge. Their experience can expand through the project Erasmus. Students, innovators and family agricultural entrepreneurs awards were handed in Osijek by the Rector of the University Josip Juraj Strossmayer, Ph.D. Željko Turkalj. Award ceremony attended also Director of TERA Tehnopolis Ivan Štefanić, vice president of the Croatian Association of Innovators entrepreneurs Ana Nikšić, Professor of Agriculture faculty in Osijek, Krunoslav Zmaić and Vedrana Gado from the Croatian Association of Innovators.

International exhibition of innovations, prototypes and student business plans was organized by TERA, the Croatian Association of Innovators-entrepreneurs, the Croatian Association of Inventors and Innovators Alliance of Zagreb.





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