The gala opening of the first “Blue-Green” fair of healthy nutrition, medicinal herbs and green entrepreneurship was held yesterday at the Medena hotel. The fair was opened by Mr. Miljenko Vučković, representative of the Zagreb County, also the coordinator of the family farms from the Sava local action group, and the mayor of Trogir, Mr. Ante Stipčić. At the opening, Mr. Vučković pointed out that the fair was a significant step forward and that the objective of the project was to connect the continental and coastal Croatia, as well as that he hoped that the producers from other parts of Croatia would get an opportunity to exhibit their products at the Adriatic coast. The deputy mayor of the city of Trogir, Mr. Radovan Slade-Šilović, also attended the opening.

Together they have stressed the significance of the opportunity to present ecological products of such importance, especially nowadays, when our fast-track lifestyle demands a healthy diet, and pointed out that it has been agreed that the producers from the coastal region may exhibit their products in Sveta Nedelja and continental Croatia. They expressed hope that from now on, producers from other Croatian counties, as well as the local ones from the city of Trogir, Kaštela and the surrounding areas, will present their products at the Medena hotel.

Along with a rich offer of agricultural products, the visitors had the opportunity to try numerous ecological products and specialties, such as products made from chokeberry, honey, dairy products, wines, natural juices and other foods and beverages, as well as cosmetic herbs, scents, home-made soaps etc.



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