Dear visitors,

It is our pleasure to invite you to the first “Blue and green” fair of healthy nutrition, medicinal herbs and green entrepreneurship which will be held from 12th to 14th February in Hotel Medena in Seget Donji (near the City of Trogir).

The opening ceremony will take place on Friday, 12th February, starting at 14:00 hours.

As a part of this event, the presentation on the subject of “smart agriculture” and use of new technologies in agriculture will be held on the same day (12th February), starting at 18:00 hours.

The goal of this fair is to revive the “BLUE AND GREEN CROATIA” project. It also aims to connect green and blue Croatia by means of successful music and performing art mix of continental and Mediterranean expression in combination with gastronomy and tourist project, at the same time putting the emphasis on domestic brands and indigenous gastronomy delicacies.

This will be the opportunity to gather the exhibitors, experts and enthusiasts at a single place, who will, by means of joint effort, try to present the larger part of environmental and traditional products our country abounds in.

The fair will be attended by approximately 20 exhibitors from the LAG “Sava”, the City of Sveta Nedelja. The following exhibitors are expected to present their products:

  • Family agricultural farm “Žugec”
  • Family agricultural farm “Zelenika”
  • Miris prirode (scent of nature)
  • Roklajd
  • Family agricultural farm “Bereček”
  • Family agricultural farm “Đurinski”
  • Family agricultural farm “Dobošić”
  • Family agricultural farm “Bakonji”
  • Agriculture, farming and trade craft “Vrhovec”
  • Milking and stockfarming cooperative farm “Proizvodi sela”
  • Agricultural farm “Smetko”
  • Association “Marijagorička zipka”
  • Honey producers association “Sveta Nedelja”
  • Family agricultural farm “Petković”

We look forward to your arrival!

We remain at your disposal for any further information!


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