In modern times, yoga ceases to be just the entertainment and becomes a health preservation method. Through yoga we can achieve harmony and go back to our own wholeness.

Regenerative weekend with “Yoga for the Comprehensive Health” is the opportunity to perform simple and practical yoga exercises and through them strengthen your internal resources and awake the source of your permanent internal stability.

By performing simple dynamic exercises and yoga positions (asanas), in combination with relaxing exercises, we remove weakness, stiffness and unrest from our system. By developing strength, flexibility and tranquillity on the physical level, we get acquainted with more subtle and much more powerful aspects of our being.

Through breathing, concentration and meditation exercises we learn how to balance our breath, emotions and mind. Vital life functions get strengthened and stabilised, flows of life force (prana) open and then all this gets introduced into our central nervous system, which results in complete removal of stress, state of mental balance and connection with the intelligence of our own being.

Our weekend programme aims to inspire you to become active maker of your own physical, mental and spiritual health.

The programme will take place between 5th and 6th March 2016 (Saturday and Sunday), from 9:00 to 14:00 (both days).

The programme consists of the following:

  • Preparatory and energization exercises
  • Training of yoga positions (asanas)
  • Relaxing and breathing exercises
  • Classic yoga breathing exercises (pranajama)
  • Basic principles of meditation
  • Lectures on yoga and comprehensive health.

About the programme we use:

“Yoga for the Comprehensive Health” is basically a combination of Bihar School of hatha yoga and the ancient system of Raja yoga. It also contains the elements of work on our bodies, present in modern bodywork.

Bihar School is a reputable institution for yoga teaching. It was established by Svami Satjananda in 1963 in the state of Bihar, in North India. Our programme uses the Bihar School’s training method for training of yoga positions (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranajami).

The Raja yoga system was described by the ancient Indian sage Patanjali, approximately 2000 years ago. Raja yoga is defined by 8 levels (Jama, Nijama, Asana, Pranajama, Pratjahara, Dharana, Dhjana and Samadhi). It contains all the elements of yoga practice, and the emphasis is on the concentration and meditation as the methods for development of full human potential. Programme “Yoga for the comprehensive health care” uses the methods of Raja yoga in the practice of energization exercises, meditation and relaxing, based on the Paramhansa Jogananda’s teachings.

In various bodywork methods, such as shiatsu, shin tai or craniosacral therapy, certain principles are present which can be successfully used during the yoga training. Our “Yoga for the Comprehensive Health” programme uses the elements of work on fascia, proprioceptive exercises and observing the micromovements (primary respiratory mechanism), supporting comprehensive approach to health.

About the Trainer:

Nikola Drviš-Grk, Master of Kinesiology, has finished the Faculty of Kinesiology in 2002. He has been practicing yoga on a daily basis since his student days (over 15 years), and since 2008 he is also the certified yoga instructor. In addition to yoga, he actively practices and teaches the shiatsu method (he finished the Shiatsu School in Croatia in 2009) and also attended a series of educations in modern bodywork. Nikola is the Head of Health Support Institute in Split, which performs yoga exercises and workshops, shiatsu and advanced bodywork seminars, tai chi exercises and seminars and a series of various activities designated to support the health of a contemporary man.

For our guests on the overnight stay in Hotel Medena, weekend yoga is free!!!


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