Healing effect of sea water
December 16, 2015

One more reason to enjoy a seaside vacation should certainly be the fact that the sea heals. The water is refreshment for the whole body and its healing properties were recorded in ancient times. Even in ancient times, the Greek physician Hippocrates, the philosopher Plato, his compatriot, and the Arab physician Avicenna praised the favourable effect of sea water on health.
The healing properties of the sea, i.e. sea water, have been known since the ancient times. Sea water is a mixture of 96.5 % of water and 3.5 % of other ingredients such as salt, dissolved salts and organic substances. Sea water is mineral water which contains all the elements of the periodic system, as well as the trace elements – sulphur, boron, silicon, copper, bromine, strontium and potassium. In addition to these important ingredients, it also contains phytoplankton and zooplankton which release organic substances with antibiotic, hormonal and bacteriostatic properties.
It has been scientifically confirmed that sea water has the following effects:
• antiseptic (antibacterial and antiviral);
• promotes wound healing, relaxes the muscles;
• stimulates local blood circulation;
• restores the atrophic mucosae;
• maintains the normal physiological status of mucous membranes;
• cleans and soothes the nasal epithelial cilia.

The mentioned trace elements and minerals penetrate the body through water and air and have a positive influence on the body, stimulating the functioning of the organs which filter and excrete harmful substances from the body, such as the liver, the kidneys and the skin. The salt particles in the seaside air enter deep into your respiratory system and reach the deepest pulmonary alveoli. Since their effect is physiological, it can be reasonably stated that the sea “cleanses the lungs”. If you have problems with the nasal mucous membrane, it will also be regenerated at the seaside because the inhalation of the seaside aerosol has a sedating, protective and regenerative effect.
The therapeutic properties are manifested in several ways. The effect of the coastal climate is not only preventive, but also therapeutic, strengthening the body’s immune system after exhausting illnesses or stressful business periods. Climatologists believe that the ozone layer above the coastal areas is better preserved than that above the inland regions, especially the biggest industrial cities, which reduces the effect of allergens such as pollen and other irritants.
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