The entire Central Dalmatia is characterised by a mild climate with generally moist winters and dry, hot and sunny summers. Kozjak, Mosor and Biokovo mountains protect the Split and Trogir Riviera from the continental climate originating from northern parts of Croatia. Here the sky is particularly blue and the purest one in Europe, with the highest number of sunny days per year. The most frequent summer wind is called maestral, a messenger of lovely weather. Southern wind brings rain, while in the winter bura wind scatters the clouds but is also an extremely strong and harsh type of wind.

Change of climate:
air quality
sun radiation

Natural medicinal factors are useful in preserving and improving one’s health, as well as in raising the quality of life of both healthy persons and those with chronic non-contagious diseases who suffer from respiratory problems. We are aware nowadays that the direct benefit of such a programme, lasting from two to four weeks, is sufficient to achieve a one-year improvement of life quality.

Below the Medena Hotel is a 2 km long seaside promenade where you can take a walk during autumn and winter periods when air quality is the best and aerosol levels are at their highest, and experience the ”effect“ of medicinal factors that benefit human health. The air is also enriched by sea aerosol and by dissipated drops of essential oils from aromatic plants. By breathing in this savoury, clean air, you cleanse your lungs, ease your breathing and you experience a sense of comfort and goodwill.

Due to its location near the sea and the quality of local air filled with aerosol, it is safe to say that the hotel is ideally situated for health tourism.


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