Although the time of origin of the white sport cannot be determined with certainty, it is assumed that this sport, today extremely widespread, was first played by the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans.
The word “tennis” is probably derived from the name of the Egyptian town of Tinnisa, while the word “racquet” is believed to derive from the Arabic word for “palm”.
Tennis as we know it today was created around 1874. The English major Walter Clopton Wingfield defined the rules of the game and officially registered it in the office for the protection of patents. The most prestigious tennis tournament today, the Wimbledon, was first held in 1877 and since then the sport has been officially called “tennis”.
You do not have to be a professional to play tennis, it can also be a form of recreation. Playing tennis is actually a full-body workout. It simultaneously engages the muscles of your arms, legs and back.
Come to the Medena hotel and play tennis. The Medena hotel has a total of 6 tennis courts.
Use of the tennis court is charged EUR 6 per hour.



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