Why go to the sauna?

The purpose of the sauna is relaxation and comfort, and, in addition, there are significant therapeutic effects.

The sauna

• boosts resistance to colds and strengthens the entire immune system,
• stimulates circulation, strengthens the nervous system,
• cleanses the body of toxins,
• strengthens the heart,
• decreases blood pressure,
• accelerates digestion,

and helps with

• chronic bronchitis,
• rheumatism,
• arthrosis,
• stiff joints.

Saunas eliminate physical and mental stress. Pain and muscle tension are reduced, because the sauna has the effect on relaxation of the muscular system and softens the muscles. Sauna is the best way to clean the skin. The hot air opens the pores of the skin and the sweating removes dead skin cells, dirt and toxins. Sauna is the best way for detoxification achieved through excretion of toxins through sweating, and acceleration of internal secretion via kidneys and lungs.

How to use the Finnish sauna?

The Finnish sauna is a closed wooden room intended for relaxation. In one corner of the sauna there is a stove with stones that are poured with water, which increases the air temperature. The temperature in the Finnish sauna can range from 60 °C to 100 °C, and the humidity is about 15 %.
Due to high temperatures it is recommended to stay in the sauna for 8 to 15 minutes, depending on the individual feel. After the sauna treatments, be sure to take a shower in order to reduce body temperature, and to rest for about 20 to 30 minutes.
The entire procedure can be repeated 3 times. A visit to the sauna stimulates circulation, relieves tension and causes profuse sweating. After heavy sweating in the sauna, the balance is achieved by increased fluid intake – usually by drinking beer and soft drinks.
After the Finnish sauna, we recommend you to use a cold shower or to have an ice cube massage to cool the body down and restore balance.


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