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The City of Trogir is well-known for a dessert called the Trogir rafioli, a favourite at all the festivities.

As for the origin of Trogir rafioli, there is a legend attached to it. A girl whose last name was Rafioli was imprisoned in the famed Kamerlengo Castle in Trogir and, in the expectation of being rescued by her sweetheart, she baked delicious cakes. A Trogir nobleman rescued her and took her to his mansion, where she baked him rafioli for the rest of their days.

The Medena hotel pastry shop has been famous for decades for their Trogir rafioli and is considered to be one of the best amongst the pastry shops which make them. If you want to try top-quality Trogir rafioli you can order them for takeout or just come to the pastry shop and enjoy them there.


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