The largest international event for young people in Croatia took place in Zagreb from 11th to 13th May. This three-day event combines creativity, inspiration, leadership and learning. Lecturers, conference partners and participants were a real indicator that this conference provided an unforgettable experience in the world of entrepreneurship, leadership, technology, innovation, creativity and inspiration. The aim of the conference is to connect talented and ambitious lecturers and participants from all over the world to share knowledge from various areas. For example, Andreas von der Heydt is the director of one of the top five largest technology companies in the world; Lars Silberbauer Andersen is credited for the success of the LEGO company; Javier Bajer is credited for transforming HSBC and Buckingham Palace. A role model for women around the world is Cathy O’Dowd as the first woman who climb Mt. Everest from both access sides and launched a number of projects. From distant Brazil arrived Tiago Mattos, a leading expert for new and exponential technology in Brazil.

With the increasing number of participants, the LEAP Summit is dedicated to becoming one of Europe’s largest and best conferences.




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