Although it is surprising today that women work in shipyards, they have always been their constant. In the overhauling shipyard “Viktor Lenac” women have long ago set foot. Although in the minority (out of 488 employees, 29 are women), they are now in responsible positions. For example, the Tehnomont group, in which composition is the shipyard is lead by Gordana Deranja, and Sandra Uzelac is for nine years at the Management Board of Lenac.

It is true that today women need to invest much more effort than their male counterparts by effort, knowledge and expertise to be accepted, given that the shipyards are a “male bastion”. But, after all, the acquired male-female equality, all colleagues trust and respect each other. The department for procurement of materials and services is led by a graduate economist, Dolores Kuzmić, who meets daily stresses due to short deadlines and procurement conditions. Kuzmić has been employed since 1993. In the procurement of materials and services, the share of women working together very well. The fact is that male colleagues are more technical, and these women can rely on them. Mechanical engineer Aleksandra Masar leads the department of quality assurance and control. Her job description is thankless because she has to point no mistakes. This department is made up of several professions, ie controls six segments – shipbuilding control, machine control, electrical control, input control material, non-destructive testing of welds and materials and only welding. Masar spend most of working time in the office, and one-third on the spot. Her appearance on the boat is a sign of a larger problem. Originally from the island of Ugljan, she worked in Lamjani, then in Palfinger and Mack. In leisure time deals with underwater fishing. Alpha and omega of shipyard finances is Sandra Uzelac, a university specialist in controlling.

Overhaul shipyard is an oscillatory activity in which things are happening very fast. After a turbulent period, comes more peaceful and so in the circle. All employees have the same goal – that is, the job goes on. The recipe of relaxation recommended by Sandra Uzelac is a cup of coffee in the peace and quiet of your home.

The youngest employee of Lenac, Marija Kučan is only 25 years old and is an independent expert in occupational safety. After 43 years of work and 62 years of age, Jasna Milošević changes her interest and moves into a Canadian adventure where she will accept the role of Grandma’s service for her granddaughter. Accountant of Victor Lenac goes to a deserved retirement and carries only good memories. She remembered the time when there were 68 employees in Lenac accounting, of which five men. As computerization has made its own, in this service today, there are two operators.

Common to these women is the love for the sea and everything related to it. And the smell of rust, hammer sound, as well as male colleagues.




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