The first autonomous electric cargo ship, that will replace 40,000 trucks trips per year, arrives from Norway in 2018. Producer of fertilizer Yara International has teamed up with the industrial group Kongsberg  in the construction of the ship that will transport fertilizers between the three ports in southern Norway. The ship will be able to transport 100 containers at a speed of 12 to 15 knots. By 2020., it will be managed by people, and then it will become fully automated. With its new autonomous container ship, transport will move from the road from to the sea to reduce noise and dust emissions, improve the safety of local roads and reduce emissions of nitrogen and carbon by 678 tons per year. For charging ship batteries, electricity from the hydroelectric power plant will be used.

Although Norway is a major oil producer, leds in expanding of the use of electric cars thanks to tax incentives and ferries to electric drive.





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