Ferries “SIS” and “Juraj Dalmatinac” collided on Saturday, 22nd April in port of Gaženica in Zadar due to a technical fault on the ferry “SIS”. Thanks to the intervention of the ship’s crew, reacting in time, none of the passengers and crew members were injured. The crash occurred at a time when engine of “SIS” stopped working and hit “Juraj Dalmatinac”, which was at the neighboring berth. According to Jadrolinija’s report, the ships did not suffer any significant damage, and passengers were transported to the destination by ferry “Vladimir Nazor”.

On the ship “Juraj Dalmatinac”, the outer plating of about 60 cm on the right shoulder part is damaged, 10 meters above sea level, while the ship “SIS” did not suffer structural damage. Removal of failure on the control mechanism will remain moored in port Gaženica while “Juraj Dalmatinac” is in overhauling shipyard on repair.

Although the islanders warned that it was an old and potentially dangerous ship, it was justified that the ferry ports (old ones) in Zadar and Preko on the island of Ugljan were unaware of new ships. But in the meantime both places got redesigned and modern ports, it is perhaps time to get a modern ship on that line.




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