The town of Trogir had even two clubs that were at the top of the former Yugoslavia’s first league – the Economist from Seget and the women’s handball club Trogir. In 2010., both clubs have disappeared from the sports scene due to financial problems. However, keeping in mind the young hopes, KRM “Trogir” was founded, which brought together 17 girls and today (seven years later) there are over one hundred players from eight to seventeen years. The president of the club from 2014. is Joško Radić, who pointed out that the oldest girls are the cadets and also the seniors playing the third league.

If a club succeeds to enter the second league next year, will be far the youngest team led by captain Andrea Sesar. The five-year plan is the first league considering that the last three years are at the top of the state championships, without sponsorship. The girls are training in the gym, that is not sufficient for the needs of the city, while in the summer training around the hotel Medena (on the jogging track, play water polo, running the gravel …). Each year, the girls lead to an international tournament with competing teams from Slovenia, Austria, Poland and Croatia. Of the three finals they won two gold and one silver. Their coach is Mirjana Runtić, who pointed out three girls for national team: Marina Gašpić, Barbara Ćaleta and Mirela Lelas. During the study, the club would like to provide scholarship for girls, pay the driving test, and provide the pocket money. Each girl is encouraged to study because they have to develop in all spheres, but everyone wants to have a handball career.

Expert headquarters of “Trogirke” consists of prof. Ivan Perkušić, Mirjana Runtić, kinesiologist Lucijana Škrlj, former handball player Merica Laura and representative with international experience Josip Lukić.




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