The newly established center of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce promotes economic development by linking economy and science through innovation and research. At IGLO Core Meeting in Brussels, they presented their work and emphasized the priorities. HGK’s membership in IGLO receives timely advice and information about funding opportunities for research projects, facilitates communication between the scientific community and European institutions, and promotes co-operation and exchange of best practices. Even 85 percent of CIRAZ’s activities are funded from the EU Regional Development Fund, while the remaining 15 percent is financed by Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

The goal of IGLO is to facilitate and improve the interaction and exchange of information between members and EU institutions on issues related to research and development.

Representatives of CIRAZ in Brussels were Mateo Ivanec, head of Innovation Factory, Tomislav Radoš, Vice President of Chamber of Commerce for Industry and IT, and Director of CIRAZ Danijela Ćenan.






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