New innovation that will cheer farmers is a machine that replaces the plug and thereby improves the soil structure and preserves the humus. The invention was created in the vicinity of Osijek according to the idea of Ivan Muse and it is produced by the company Metalkonstruktor d.o.o. from Osijek. The machine is registered to the State Intellectual Property Office two years ago, as the testing lasted. Using the machine the soil is loosened so that the segmented troupe knives enter the soil up to 55 cm deep. This machine does not have negative consequences for the soil, since it is coagulated and ventilated a deep soil profile, plant mass remains on the surface, it is macerated and thus protects the soil from harmful effects of the atmosphere.

Above all, the machine does not disturb the work of microorganisms but creates positive conditions for microbiological activity.

The opinion of expert, academician Ferd Bašić, is that this machine is an excellent substitute for plowing, especially for breaking years of impermeable layer formed using a plow. The machine has the potential to be used in orchards 10 years or more, in which soil calcitation was performed before planting, caused by pH problems.




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