Over the past couple of months, two cranes have been deployed to the offshore platform of “Viktor Lenno”, one of them was loaded to a special bar on 3rd April  and started the route to the port of Kopar. It is the unusual cargo, a 85 meter high-lift crane that stretches 115 meters and weighs 1300 tons! Preparations for this complex and sensitive operation lasted for about 24 hours, and the most sensitive moment was to move the crane from the land to the barge. At this moment should coordinate the discharge of ballast to the barge at no point not to spoil stability of the burden. During the whole day trip to Kopar, the crane will be additionally attached.

Both cranes were built by the Italian company TM International for the Port Koper. In this business “Viktor Lenac” has rented the space of his off-shore business and the necessary logistics.




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